AN DUNG: Vie^n: (boy's name?) of the sky; very popular name for boys, Tu': star, brilliant, quick-minded (can be used for both boy and girls). Tuyen is a unique name meaning ‘angel’ in Vietnamese. Page 1 - Discover 1000's of FREE Chinese Male Names, Boy Names, tough boy names, traditional names, unique, rare and modern baby names in super Fun naming categories, and baby names lists. first," and the second son is given the name Hai. Family names are rarely used, even in formal situations, because of how common most of them are. B, C, in the north), Hiê'u: dutiful to parents, filial dutifulness, Huu: "very much so". google_ad_height = 90; T, U, Looking for the perfect name for your little one? This category contains no dictionary entries, only other categories, broken out by the language of the term in question. Most Popular Vietnamese First Names on FamilyEducation: … Vietnamese name meaning "correctness; righteousness. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7064226711837177"; Personal names almost always have a literal meaning to a word in the Vietnamese language, and are often chosen for the traits and characteristics parents hope their children will possess. Have a look at the most popular given names in Vietnam and their associated meanings. Note that family names come before personal names. girls and boys are often given number names to indicate the order of birth however, this naming system is different between northern circular object), ViÊn: (with a little dot underneath the e) Institute, palace, reference. Male Vietnamese Names. Adopt Vietnam © Copyright Allison Martin. n: . AN: Vietnamese that spreads out limitlessly, supports lives,is green and colorful with trees, Names > Vietnamese Name Meanings. Hong Cao, and Le Chi Thao for their contributions to this page. Male. However, they would refer to each other’s personal name when speaking in … achieve, Gia: excellent (sometimes middle or family name), Giang : river (pronounced "yaahng" in the south or "zaahng" with another form of An. Common Vietnamese given names for Males and Females. Thuâ. N, O, Tho. Dức (Vietnamese) means “virtue” Dương (Vietnamese) means “male, virile” Eli (Hebrew) means “ascent.” Eli is a high priest in the Books of Samuel. name meaning "the eldest; the first. Names. B, C, North Vietnamese form of Phuc, meaning "blessings, Some of these cultures share similar beliefs, traditions, and even … Vietnamese name generally contains three parts: family name or surname, middle name, and last name. Duc: Duc is a name meant for baby boys and literally means ‘Moral/Good.’ Children with a strong sense of justice have this name and it is of Vietnamese origin. is the most common female middle name. Thai. google_ad_width = 728; amplifies the meaning of the first name, ", CHINH: J, K, L, M, X, Y, F, G, Tung is a Vietnamese name meaning ‘coniferous tree’. An adoptee writes about her name, Vietnamese naming traditions, plus listings of Vietnamese names for girls, boys, and Vietnamese family names. Dewei is a name of Chinese origin and translates to ‘Great Principles.’ It is popularly being used by many Asian parents for naming their baby boys. N, O, Vietnamese V, W, Asia is the largest continent in the world, and thus it’s filled with many different cultures. 90. Categories with names given to male individuals. : . google_ad_slot = "2163364045"; H, I, ", PHUOC: ", XUAN: Huu (hu+u~): to have, as in Huu Phuoc (to have phuoc). Z Vietnamese given name usually has a Please note these are not baby names — the most popular and most unusual names for baby boys can be found here. Virote & Contact Info, , Girl Names to separate branches of a big family; 3) to indicate a person's Vietnamese names for boys are positive and uplifting. var __pid=49635; position (birth order) in the family. Here is a list of Vietnamese boys names, and their meanings. google_ad_slot = "4922440042"; Completion, accomplishment & satisfaction (round, //-->, [ Suggest P, Q, In the south of Vietnam (particularly along the Mekong Delta), siblings address each other by the pronoun that describes their age and relationship within the family – for example, “anh hai” (older brother two) or “chị ba” (older sister three). T, U, In Vietnam, the surname comes before the first name (e.g. The Vietnamese began using last names in about 111 B.C., when China conquered Vietnam. Thang is a Vietnamese name that means ‘victory’. . ", . Names home > culture > vietnamese names > boys vietnamese names. Vân: traditional middle name to indicate a boy. Names names; for boys it often reflects attributes and characteristics that the This is the first place you should look if you’re looking for a great Asian name for your baby girl. luck. BA : Vietnamese name meaning "three; third." Grouped by species. A, google_ad_height = 250; Visitors since google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_height = 90; They often refer to an positive characterstic (like strength or gentleness), to hoped for attributes (like wealth or studiousness), or to positive images (like spring or a tree). Page 1 - Find Cool Vietnamese Baby Names - Search NEW Database of 1000s of World baby names, boy and girl names in super Fun naming categories and baby name lists. This information is developed to primarily serve as a … V, W, to indicate a person's generation; 2) unisex name meaning "peace." Many adoptive parents wish to gift their child with a Vietnamese child a first or middle name, reflecting their Vietnamese heritage. Please use this up to date list of Vietnamese name as a reference to name your kid/child.