Less Engine: 1.6L turbo 4-cyl, compression 10More Power: 150kW@6000 rpm, p/w 109.5 kW/t, 265Nm@4500rpmGreater Storage: 502L boot spaceBetter Legroom: 2637mm wheelbase, 1796mm wide, 1416mm heightCheaper Fuel: 91 RON premium, 50L tankLess Tare weight: 1370kgAffordable Safety: Rear cross-traffic, fwd collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, low-speed AEB w/ pedestrian/cyclist detection, lane keep assistance, adaptive cruise, driver attention warning, six airbags, speed limiter. Road test: Kia Cerato GT Hatch 2019 review Hyundai, Toyota or Mazda: Who will win the battle of the hatchbacks? S is available with manual transmission as the Sudanese special for poverty packs, but you can have a “safety pack” with that, and further, you can have the S automatic which, as the name suggests, gives you an auto transmission, and there’s again a safety pack option available. Output is modest, particularly when compared to its Hyundai/Volkswagen/Toyota rivals, but if you’re shopping here, kiloWatts and Newton-metres are not your primary concern. It looks like this: S Manual | S Manual Safety-Pack;S Automatic | S Auto Safety-Pack. As the #6 car brand in Australia, one would expect a range easier to digest for consumers and not driven by accountants. Alternatively you can speak with your local Kia dealer to arrange one. It might also be considered a larger and more practical, but slower, competitor to pocket rockets like the Volkswagen Polo GTI and Ford Fiesta ST – both more honed machines. Over a mixed-loop including some hard driving I managed 8.6L/100km. You get the standard 2.0-litre four-cylinder naturally-aspirated engine with peak power of 112kW available at 6200rpm, a six-speed automatic transmission, and some interior niceties we’ll get into shortly. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the Kia offers page to see if there are any deals on at the moment. It seems like the Kia Cerato is everywhere nowadays. At least with the Cerato your friends can come too. The Kia Cerato hatch is not as small as its exterior would have you believe, but can it fit a family of four? Kia Cerato BD (2018-2020) (Car): 4.7 out of 5 stars from 28 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. ANCAP’s constantly changing rating protocols have for the last few years become frustratingly confusing for the average consumer, with datestamps, old ratings higher on older cars than newer safer cars, and a scoring system which is trying to appear simplified but is anything but. In this livestream we discuss the degradation of a Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid battery and the brand’s indifference to his consumer rights. Plus live Q&A with you…, Trailer overtakes vehicle: That’s bad. Allow me to store my inner adolescent away. Refinements will come in due course, probably not Hyundai’s E-Differential designed in conjunction with Jedi Engineering, but if you’re looking for a more family-focussed sedan or hatch with some moderate performance you can tap into when you’re alone, on a back road, Cerato GT for thee. Luckily for urban driving you have a speed-limiter instead. The rest of the range does a decent job of the softer, more pedestrian commode - and that’s exactly what we want it to do. Just in time for Christmas - and always. First drive: 2019 Ford Focus Active Australia's best medium cars under $65,000 for 2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2020 road test review And in typical Kia fashion, it’s an absolute bargain considering the features you get as standard. Essentially separating you from an actual racing driver. And I like that Kia offers an unabashedly firm ride, weighty steering, and a red-on-black sporty cabin. I wonder if it’s prone to overheating? You also get roadside assist for the warranty period as long as you use any Kia dealer for servicing. (Although, credit is due to Kia for making the safety pack available on manual versions - this is rarely the case these days, where brands will pony up the “it’s too hard to integrate with a clutch pedal” excuse”. You can see a side by side comparison of all the various options and inclusions across the various trim levels by downloading the official brochure or visiting the official specifications page. So, on the cusp of this holiday season, I want to make sure this does not happen to you…. 2020 Kia Cerato S … In this video Simone reviews the 2020 Kia Cerato GT and rather than just a conventional full review of the latest Cerato. 2020 Kia Cerato review & buyer's guide It’s easy to make a sports car and it’s not hard to make a comfortable, sensible family sedan or hatch. Separately, electric panoramic glass sunroof: $1,990. Kia Cerato 2020 Hatch : 55 New Kia Cerato 2020 Hatch Specs and Review with Kia Cerato 2020 Hatch. The difference in price is nil between body styles. Despite getting independent suspension (multi-link) unlike the base models’ torsion beam axle, the boot space is unaffected. But don’t get ahead of yourself - those gear changes aren’t perfect and there’s some work to do on planing the corners, which is to be expected. If you’re looking for more information on all the interior features and technology, you can find pictures and more detail on the official Kia Cerato website. 2020 Kia Cerato GT review. There are various driving modes to play with that fettle the steering weight and drivetrain behaviour, the two notable ones being Smart (where the car decides which mode to drive in, for instance going into Sport when you mash the throttle and Eco when you lift off) and Sport (activated by putting the gear shifter into manual mode). There’s definitely a colour theme: black seats and surfaces, with red stitching everywhere, and a red lighting signature that certainly create an angry ambience at night. Like most small-displacement turbo engines, it has plenty of torque on tap enabling good rolling response. Plus the latest automotive news if you’re in the market right now…. Doing this latter action clearly ramps up the amount of engine noise piped into the cabin too. Click HERE >>, I'll help you SAVE THOUSANDS on ANY NEW VEHICLE. Well, I ignored my own advice driving 7000kms in a Hyundai Kona Electric... Mazda Australia, launching an allegedly track-ready MX-5 in January, seems to have (hilariously) shot itself in the wedding vegetables…. 2019 Kia Cerato GT hatch review Caradvice - March 24, 2019 Represents Kia’s best and highest-volume tilt at capturing buyers who display enthusiasm for driving beyond simply commuting. Kia was the first brand with a standard seven-year and unlimited kilometre warranty, though brands like Honda, Mitsubishi and SsangYong have followed suit. You also get a locally tuned suspension setup, performed by actual Australian engineers to make this car work on our notoriously crap roads. slightly cheap build quality but you would expect that from a … Unlike some rivals you cannot option a sunroof. Before you head straight to the ANCAP website and feel outraged at the idea Kia has somehow shortchanged you on safety by looking at the Cerato’s four-star and five-star mixed ratings, hold your horses. Extras not standard on Audi A3: Rear fog lamps, heated electric door mirrors, power tailgate w/ remote boot release, dual exhaust, lower body kit, DAB+ digital radio, flat folding rear seats, ventilated drivers/passenger seats, driver fatigue warning. This is why I continue to recommend normal cars despite the national - and indeed global - infatuation with SUVs. Browse all of our 2020 Kia Cerato reviews & videos by top motoring journalists. Expert review of the Kia Cerato 2020 Hatch provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. Pull your moth-to-a-flame gaze away from the pov-pack Corolla Weetbix Australia has gorged itself on for far too long and sink into something nicer for the same money which at least comes with 21st century radio. The steering wheel itself looks and feels great, with tactile buttons and quality leather wrapping. This top-of-the-range Cerato is available for $33,990 drive-away, though its list price is technically $33,490 before on-road costs for comparison purposes. Its power-to-weight ratio of 107.5 kW per tonne shades size rivals. Cerato S and Sport without the “safety pack” were rated in 2018 as only earning four stars because they did not include features such as “A more advanced AEB system capable of detecting and reacting to Vulnerable Road Users (which) is available as an option as part of Safety Pack 1 for Cerato S and Cerato Sport variants and standard on other variants” such as the GT. Right. We reviews the Kia Cerato 2020 Hatch Concept where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission and safety. Then we get to the Sport which does the same as S with the transmission and safety pack. 2020 Kia Cerato review: Sport manual sedan Review By Kez Casey 7th Feb 2020 0 Comments Many brands are streamlining model ranges, but not Kia. 1.6L turbocharged engine, 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, bigger 305mm brakes, multi-link rear suspension, 18-inch allys w/ 225/40Z Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, LED headlights & rear combination taillights, ventilated sports leather seats w/ driver dual-memory positions, flat-bottom perforated leather steering wheel, dual exhausts, 4.2-inch driver LCD display, alloy sports pedals, wireless phone charging, 8-speaker JBL premium sound, gloss exterior trims, Sunset Orange premium paint (+$520 unless you negotiate hard). For an affordable small sedan/hatch, Cerato gets a good bundle of features that doesn’t exactly spell anorexic. Kia Cerato Hatch GT Overview Kia launched a GT version of its popular and successful Cerato in early 2019. Seven airbags incl. There is the S, Sport, Sport Plus, and GT. You know how I always say ‘never modify a new car to do what you want it to do’? At a price hard to ignore. Kia Cerato Sport+ hatch The 2.0-litre engine is a willing worker, even if it is not an inspiring element of the Cerato driving experience. The Cerato Hatch has come roaring onto the scene matching powerful styling with turbocharged performance and the latest technology. Output from the Hyundai/Kia 1.6 Howitzer, as I’ve dubbed it mostly because the Howitzer is a relatively small piece of artillery with quite a destructive, is 150kW @ 6000rpm and 265Nm of torque from as low as 1500rpm up to 4500 revs. Cash in-hand is usually the winner here, because it’s your cash, not mine. The services are capped for seven years, too, although the 10,000km (or annual) intervals are 5000km too short for our liking. Our most recent review of the 2020 Kia Cerato resulted in a score of 8.1 out of 10 for that particular example. You need a safe car, with good boot space, an economical engine, with a servicing program that won’t rob Junior of their university savings, but at the same time you need comfort, ergonomics and wipe-down surfaces in all the right places. Considering that the new Toyota Corolla offers incredible reliability & after-sales If you’re looking for a comfy, but easily-tempered small hatch or sedan, then surely you’d look at something German, right? Offers available on new vehicles and for private buyers only. If you are looking for a more accurate idea of pricing, you can build and price one of these up on the official website to determine drive away pricing. Kia Cerato GT Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price Car Reviews, Sep 28, 2020 Without a doubt, there has been a consistent ascent in the prominence of SUVs in the nation over the on Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car. The fixed dampers control brittleness over sharp hits, but the springs don’t allow much body movement. but now have a chance to spend some more time in the GT version. I digress, some people are looking at a sedan or hatch like the Cerato because you’re specifically not interested in silly, poppy cars with red bits and paddle shifts. FULL REVIEW Family Guide: 2019 Kia Cerato Sport hatch review Carguide - February 08, 2019 There’s a good amount of interior space, a decent sized boot, it drives well and has a great exterior. In fairness to ANCAP, it is trying to encourage manufacturer brands to make features like AEB cycling and pedestrian detection available on the most popular variants on the market and it does beg the question of Kia why they didn’t just save themselves and their respective fleet buyers and private buyers the headache just absorb the $1500 into the price and have two options in Cerato S: auto or manual; both with the safety kit standard. Overall, AEB system effectiveness for higher speed scenarios was rated adequate,” said ANCAP. the internals are nice and modern. In the UAE, the 2020 Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLI starts from AED 78,900, while the fully-loaded variant of the 2020 Kia Cerato comes in at AED 67,000. The trade off is that naturally aspirated engines like the Mazda’s are more fun to rev out to the limiter. The warmed-up Kia Cerato GT has some real boy racer vibes, and offers a serious amount of equipment for its $34,000 asking price. READ MORE: Kia Cerato GT sedan long-term review Spending $3000 more on Sport over the entry-level S brings sportier-looking cloth seats, premium steering wheel, softer-touch door trims, satellite navigation, and better-looking 17-inch alloy wheels instead of 16-inch steel wheels with hubcaps. The six-speed manual transmission in the 2020 Kia Cerato S is a positive – the shift throw isn’t too long and the clutch is light, though it does take some time to get used to thanks to this lightness. I want some more theatre from my performance transmission. Drive the 2020 Cerato From MRP $30,590 + ORC Download brochure Horizon blue Runway red Clear White Steel Grey Aurora Black Colour picker Overseas model, NZ specifications may differ from those shown. Fair enough. Stress-free Parking: front/rear sensors, reversing camera w/ dynamic guidelines. The fitment of independent rear suspension in this grade bolsters road holding over choppy surfaces too. Heated leather seats, smart key w/ push-button start, dual-zone climate control w/ rear vents & auto de-fog, auto-dimming rear view mirror, LED daytime running lights, auto-release boot, sliding front centre console armrest, soft-touch upper door trim, some glovebox lighting, oh, and a passenger seat-back pocket. On the outside are 18-inch alloys wrapped in high-quality Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, a space-saver spare, automatic LED headlights, tail lights and daytime running lights, a proximity key, body kit, auto-folding side mirrors, and dual exhaust outlets. It’s front-wheel drive, and mated solely to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) with paddle shifters. The Cerato GT makes a mild racket, looks the goods, is brimming with cabin tech, and handles tenaciously. We reviewed this when it was launched, but now have a chance to spend some more time in the GT version. Style package: 18-inch alloys, sports suspension. Spend it on wipes and nappies instead. The first seven visits are currently priced at: $282, $476, $346, $630, $317, $604, and $640. For the sake of simplifying that convoluted S, auto/manual and safety pack with/without malarkey, here is the maximum offering of each spec-level and its respective price. The warmed-up Kia Cerato GT has some real boy racer vibes, and offers a serious amount of equipment for its $34,000 asking price. If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of one of these, you can book a test drive via the Kia website. While there are some hard plastics used lower on the dash and along the transmission tunnel, the cabin is inarguably well put-together. In 2014 “safety assist” or collision avoidance was not factored into a cars rating. The fact they’re electric, heated and cooled, and have memory presets its brilliant for a cheap car like this. And here’s why. So much indecision, and not magic eight-ball to help decide. This warmed-up hatchback – also available with a sedan body – is a mechanical twin to the Hyundai i30 N Line, and lines up against sporty hatches such as the Ford Focus ST-Line, Mazda 3 G25 range, and Honda Civic RS. Technik package: Sport steering wheel, “multifunction in leather” (whatever that means), flat bottom with paddle shift, DAB+ radio. Think about it in terms of we call “accessible performance”. The main engine option in the Cerato range is the 2.0-litre petrol four-cylinder. There are new brands taking on the bigger, established players like Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda and Mitsubishi. The hatch has 428L of boot space, a rigid removable parcel shelf/cargo cover, and an under-floor space-saver spare. Kia Cerato Hatch 2019 : 26 A Kia Cerato Hatch 2019 Performance And New Engine Because of this, not less than in the beginning, the Kia Cerato Hatch 2019 can be bought with a 2.Three-liter four-cylinder engine. Seriously, don’t even waste your time with the pov-pack versions, and statistically, nobody buys a manual these days either, so there’s a simple solution to a problem that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. With access to actual pricing & trends, we’ll help you get the best deal on your brand new 2020 and 2021 Kia Cerato “Tests of the AEB system showed good performance at highway speeds, with collisions avoided or mitigated in most scenarios. It’s not all SUV buses and Bogan-special dual-cab utes. But it’s not so straightforward. Unless you’re Ford, making a sporty car is relatively easy for a half-intelligent carmaker. But can you buy confidently from a Chinese carmaker? It handles quite tenaciously, taming front-drive understeer despite lacking a limited-slip diff. Happily enough, Tesla appears to be doomed in 2021, or shortly thereafter. It’s a testament to the research and development Hyundai and Kia have put into their respective brands over the last decade, to produce such a multi-purpose, strong performance engine which works in both an off-the-hook domesticated rally car, as well as a small-ish family sedan. Let me elaborate >>. Back-seat space is quite generous for the segment, certainly better than most rivals aside from the super-spacious Honda Civic. Safety features include six airbags, parking sensors at both ends, a reversing camera, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) that also detects pedestrians and cyclists, blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping aid with steering assist, driver attention alert, and active cruise control with a speed-limiter function. You can approach a tight corner quite hot, and feed in power a little early on exit, and the Cerato responds as you’d like it to. But Subaru has a major problem which needs urgent attention, in the interest of integrity. The word Cerato means horn-like and is a much better returning label than the Ceed some five years ago, but there’s a second meaning to the name. I don’t usually go straight for the top-shelf model, but the Cerato GT is such a surprisingly good thing to turn liquid fuel into forward energy. Highway driving will get you about 5.5L/100km and on average in the city it sits around 7-9L/100km very comfortable and can be fun to drive. I drove the wheels off, and also did lots of stop-start commuting, and didn’t get close to that point. Looking for the best price for a new 2020 and 2021 Kia Cerato in Australia? Pilot Sport 4 tyres, specific tuning, 25mm bigger front brake discs, and independent rear suspension elevate the performance. AT least in my view. Today it is, the Cerato minus the full safety pack still has some safety assist features, but is penalised despite being emphatically and measurably safer in every respect than the previous model which still holds a higher rating score. Cerato offers all of this without the frivolous stuff you actually don’t really need, like electric seats or automatic parking.