This is the newer AIS equipped EJ255, which uses a slightly different AB630 shortblock, as well as the AB820 heads. Vlogging Channel! I always thought the USDM sti blocks said ej257 on them. The EJ255 has a different domed piston vs the EJ257. The output is 280 hp at 5600 rpm. 5:23 . Im not a complete STi noob. there would be a 5 where the 0 is if it was a ej257. Posts: 536 Thanks: 0. However, when properly built, the EJ257 can be an excellent performer in a number of performance applications from street to circuit to strip. Even on Wikipedia, it doesn't mention the USDM EJ257 being semi-closed. The engine equipped with AVCS system on the intake camshafts, turbocharger IHI VF48 (1 bar), DBW, and pistons for compression ratio 8.0:1. Subaru of America designates the same part numbers for an EJ255 shortblock, and EJ257 shortblock with the exception of the pistons. 29,318 Posts #21 • Aug 21, 2007 (Edited) Sinister said: now you're just making sht up. The only difference in the shortblock of this EJ255 and the 04-06 EJ257 is the pistons. Likes Received: 53 Trophy Points: 233. Top; All; This Page; Page 1 of 3: 1: 2: 3 > LinkBack: Thread Tools: Display Modes #1 21-02-2016, 09:42 PM VUSSUTE. I know the JDM EJ207 is a semi-closed deck block (in terms of JDM WRX STi). Subaru lists the CR at 8.4:1 vs 8.2:1 for the 04-06 STI engine. My engine is not turbo-charged, so I assumed it was not the EJ255, which is DOHC. My guess is the reason they are all forged is because of the way its designed. There’s no other way to run high boost without a closed-deck block anymore with these cars. Did a compression test on my FXT yesterday, and with 95 psi in #4 it's time to get serious about rebuild options. 6 years ago. What else? Password: Register: Diddy Kart: Articles: All Albums: Blogs: FAQ: Members List: Calendar: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read. Scooby Specialist . It’s also got fire lock gaskets, 14mm studs, pin mains, King bearings, an all Supertech valvetrain, Cosworth 272 cams, a Dailey Engineering dry sump oiling system with a Peterson tank, and a Peterson vacuum controller on top of the motor. Im looking at doing a Built STi swap into a GC8 chassis in the next few years. It just says EJ25 on it. Sponsored Links * Registered users of the site do not see these ads. “The car is running an EJ257 closed-deck engine. Registered. Welcome to Perth-WRX, click here to register! The argument you read was probably the EJ257 vs. EJ207. There is no sense to waste time for improvement of naturally aspirated EJ25, you will just waste your money. They are of nearly the same construction, but have a slightly larger dish volume. 2:26. price is $5,900 for any savcs with race aftermarket timing. I'd just thought I'd toss that out to see what others thought. The engine had DOCH cylinder heads, 16 valves and based on semi-closed cylinder block (2004-2006 EJ257 shared the same EJ255 block). Location: perth. Subaru EJ25 engine tuning Tuning guide. The only difference in the shortblock of this EJ255 and the 04-06 EJ257 is the pistons. If I can't get a good answer, then maybe I should go back to the V8s. Here at Crawford you will only ever hear proven facts, and the information that will allow you to make your own educated decision on what you do under your hood. ASF Machine 24,309 views. it going guys!? It is even more useless to build NA EJ25. Member : Join Date: Feb 2007. I was looking at Full Races GT35R Twinscroll turbo setup, with cosworth heads on the Ej25 but after reading all the Pros from the Ej20 has me curious. So im wondering Built twinscroll Ej20 vs. built twinscroll Ej25 which is going to be the better build. subaru sti/wrx/forester/legacy ej255/ej257 (savcs) (long block engine only. , what kind of horsepower will I be close to? Neither are particularly robust, but a lot of the early problems with the EJ257 were from people not knowing how to tune/modify them. These engines are newer, more reliable, and … no accessories) davcs (ej257b) "2008 and up sti." All for a very small investment. Hey guys, So theres a possibility i might need a new engine in my 01 STI (not going to go in major details about it) But was just wondering the difference the 205/207 block and the 255 block.. '06 WRX Limited : … additional $800 if you need new timing . A simple modification you can do to your turbo Subaru engine that improves reliability and reduces knock. all the journals are on the same plane so they don't have to twist the crank shaft like they have to do to V8's when the they forge the crank. Lastly, now might be a good time to get your heads and anything else for … You’ll notice in the title of this blog, we say everything you need to know; versus what we want you to hear, or what our opinion is. DEBOSS GARAGE 108,655 views. ej20 vs ej255, Here you can see what is different in the blocks, EJ253 is supported like a EJ205, EJ251 has the end supports like a EJ257 but is missing the thick side supports, basically has no support. I am replacing my 2004 Forester XT motor with a EJ20X, I plan on going up one size on my turbo off of the ej255 I am pulling out, I know I need a tune because the ej20x compression ratio is higher, I believe its 9.5 to 1, I plan on keeping everything off the EJ255, exhaust, etc. not sure between ej205 or ej207 #5 30-08-2007, 08:44 PM phatskinz. Sir AntiLag. EJ257 or EJ255 or EJ25 N/A? Subaru EJ205 EJ257 Hybrid Combustion Chamber Mod - Duration: 2:26. I got my inof from the Subaru EJ Engine wiki page. EJ205 vs EJ255. Click to expand... Sinister said::rotfl::rotfl: Click to expand... Oh rats, you're on to me. Offline pksublime Well-Known Member. * Registered users of the site do not see these ads. My main goal is a dependable car that is just as at home carrying a family on a long road trip, as it is on the drag strip. Will you be upgrading the transmission as well? Looking for around 350kw. Subaru lists the CR at 8.4:1 vs 8.2:1 for the 04-06 STI engine. Remember that you will still be using the EJ205 spark plugs (should put new ones in), as you will have clearance isses if you use EJ255/EJ257 Spark plugs due to the 2.0L headers. The EJ257 is one more Turbo version specially designed for WRX STI. They are of nearly the same construction, but have a slightly larger dish volume. From what I can tell the two shortblocks are virtually identical except for piston dish. What is the difference between them? STI Master. I know the first comes in the WRX and the latter comes in an STI. 07-29-2010, 05:40 PM #2: 06gtleg. 20Likes. EJ253 vs EJ255 Shortblock differences? I am going to pick up a used block from a friend. ej255 vs ej257. What engine oil to use on EJ20, how to increase EJ205/EJ207 engine power Customers who plan to swap their vehicle use either the EJ205 from the USDM 02-05 WRX, the EJ207 from the JDM Version 7 and 8 STI, the EJ255 from the USDM 06-07 WRX and 04-08 Forester XT, or the EJ257 from the USDM 04-07 STI. This is the newer AIS equipped EJ255, which uses a slightly different AB630 shortblock, as well as the AB820 heads. how does one tell if its ej20 7, or ej257? @GEORGEROV Yeah 28mpg is fine. I am not doubting what people are telling me, I just want to "hear it from the horses mouth" if that makes sense. Member : Join Date: … Built Motor Discussion. Right now I'm considering a new OEM EJ257 shortblock assuming my EJ255 heads are still good. ej257 strength vs ej207 User Name: Remember Me? I know its the 2.0L vs the 2.5L, and some say the 255 is better, others say go with the rebuild on the 205 its got now.. And regardless of what engine you put in, make sure it's of North American decent as JDM engines cannot be tuned via the accessport, which makes everything so much easier. Power is useless if you can't transfer it to the ground. It's possible that it was always fast. After hearing about so many EJ257's that have popped, then people rebuilding them with decent pistons and rods, and then having them pop again, you'd probably think they're junk and you have to spend $5k reinforcing the block with liners and close decking to make it handle power. Usage: US Market Impreza WRX STi MY04~MY07 (300 hp, 293 hp (New SAE standard)) US Market Impreza WRX STI MY08~MY10 (305 hp (New SAE standard)) US Market Subaru Legacy/Subaru … So to those who have owned the EJ255 or EJ257 with some power gains, how reliable has it been for you? every subaru crank i've seen looks forged. Subaru EJ20 engine specs, its problems, reliability and longevity of your motor. Based on the number of EJ257s that have obliterated the factory pistons, it’s easy to understand this belief. It’s been said that every factory-built EJ257 is a bomb with a lit fuse as soon as it rolls of the lot. The latter has a painted red intake manifold and is equipped with a different turbo. Head Studs vs Head Bolts Explained - Duration: 5:23. Probably, you want to know more about how to turbo EJ25? Discussion in 'Modifications And Maintenance' started by pksublime, Dec 28, 2007. EJ251 EJ253 EJ205 (Looks really similar to ej253, of course it has better internals though) "Children are not afraid to pose basic questions that may embarrass us as adults to ask." Thank you all, I don't see any connection with the speedometer either. How can i tell the difference between the 3 blocks? Also, having EJ257 and EJ255, you may face connecting rod bearing failure, especially after power increase.