Toyota is just an over priced bland design. I call BS on the claim that this 1.5L City is faster because it has "120hp" kuno. The ford fiesta is infamous for its tight rear passenger space and the dual clutch transmission is definitely not for everyone. Obviously, you dont know alot about cars and its latest technology. Btw, car is intended as a primary car. Exactly. The EcoBoost is much better on the highway though. You should test drive them all. We're actually not doing Mazda any favors with this comparison. 2014 Honda City VX for sale in Pasay City, Philippines. Hope you can post the detailed review of the Mazda 3 1.5L soon. Thanks Uly for the quick response. Geez, wala palang touch screen and MT noh? #cebu 2014 Honda City VX Automatic 1.5 Push start Auto. Then afterwards I was able to check the new 2014 Honda City right across the street. The variable valve timing and electronic lift control technology optimize engine response, adjusting to the driver's every command. About its release date? The LTO, LTFRB?? Lol. im looking for a subcompact sedan not compact... while reading others comment they are comparing this car to a compact m3 altis civic etc... which is unlogical ovious naman ang price diff.. uly is right that some uneducated people are comparing cars based on the engine it self which is 1.5.. Marami kasing fanboys dito na madali ma offend. and thanks Uly for your articles, love reading them. the 2nd & 3rd gen models, if that's true. Do your research please instead of relying on passe conventional wisdom. That thing is a toy for teenagers who play Need For Speed and Gran Turismo on their PlayStations.Also, 6600rpm is where this current City makes it peak HP. 1. It's a common misconception to think that cars with longer wheelbase would have more room.What the City does better is packaging. In fact, I could cross my feet in the City while couldn't do the same in the Mazda3. Big deal 1237kg vs. 1254kg (17kg diff.). Sir uly. Troll fail once again.And this misconception about "Hondas cannot be used for taxis" is a longstanding urban myth. LOL. mga repapips, mga naninirang tao dyan e walang pambili kaya dinadaan na lang sa panggugulo ng usapan..... shut up na lang kayo at magbasa ng meron kayong matutunan. I'll take M3's skyactive drivetrain anyday compared to a CVT.. 2014 Honda City 1.5L E 7CVT PhP 796,000. peace. How can a B-segment car be roomier than a C-segment car?.. Rice black seems to be the most popular choice for the VEE-TACH fanboys, so avoid that. I am a Honda lover... so might be a bit biased. - TM, Minicompact Less than 85 cu ft (2,407 l)Subcompact 85–99 cu ft (2,407–2,803 l)Compact 100–109 cu ft (2,832–3,087 l). The Altis is another model that had to be dressed up with a stock body kit and spoiler to hide the usual slab-sided, flat, tallboy look of the body. Binihisan lang ito ng body kit eh kayo nag-mukhang mas maganda, eh di naman stock yung body kit sa pictures sa taas. I would appreciate your comments on Honda and Ford's maintenence and service experience, comparing both cars on fuel efficiency, roominess, driving comfort, and feature set. Buying experience: Amazing feeling and loosing passions for driving it since my dad drive it till reaching home. This will be the last question :) Thank you.Ps. Still looks like a subcompact and does not have the gravitas to match up against the compact competition.Spec-and-space-wise, it might be good, but it's very much an appliance in my eyes.I'd get the slower, smaller Mazda 3 1.5V in a heartbeat. Find complete Philippines specs and updated prices for the 2020 Honda City 1.5 VX NAVI CVT. Re-affirming Honda’s commitment of leading the advancement of mobility and enabling peop... Volkswagen Philippines is hoping to re-energize its line-up this 2021 with the preview of their first model of the year: the 2021 Santana. May i ask what do you think about the upcoming minor model change civic fb? Ive read that the new Mazda Skyactiv-D diesel engine is the best diesel engine in its class esp in fuel consumption. too many zoom zoom fanboys here. Common sense says that the Honda City may be the more practical choice. Riceboy, Mazda has more dealerships than Subaru, and I dont hear Subaru fanboys complaining about aftermarket support. Honda City [2014-2017] VX is available/sold in the following colours in India. I'm not a mazda car owner or a even a fan of it, but saying these cars won't last for a year is complete and utter BULLSHIT. Details about looks, performance etc: Fantastic, most attractive in... Buying experience: Cant be explained in words.this car is really value to money. Damned if they care what private owners do with their own cars. The drivetrain for 2014 is a mix of the familiar and the new with the largely carried over 1.5-liter SOHC i-VTEC (120 horsepower, 145 Nm of torque) now mated to a new Earth Dreams CVT. Yes their weight difference is tiny but come on, a 1.5L engine for a car that's heavier than the civic? Hahaha!LIST OF AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS FOR 2014 MAZDA 3* 2014 Top 3 finalist World Car of the year* 2014 Car of the Year Award Winner*2014 10 Best Interiors awards given by Ward's AutoWorld* 2014 CAR AND DRIVER "10BEST"* "BEST OF EVERYTHING" — ECONOMY CAR OF THE YEAR* 2014 ALG RESIDUAL VALUE AWARD — COMPACT CAR* Best of the Best awards for 2014 from the Canadian Automotive JuryWhat about your Altis, Civic and City? Good pickup and fuel efficiency . Red, Black, Steel? You actually cited wikipedia as your source? that's weird tried it and it doesn't light up when i step on the brake pedal. That's why the discussions/opinions becomes very subjective.If you compare very similar vehicles in terms of segment/engine/dimensions, then it somehow just boils down to the price, doesn't it? Point is, the civic's 1.8L is great for its body, the mazda 3's 1.5L not so much. Lulz. Mazda? 2014 HONDA CITY 1.5 VX AT Automatic Transmission 1.5L Gasoline Engine I-VTEC Cebu Unit Push Start All Power Dual Airbags Touchscreen LCD Monitor Central Lock Fog Lamps Very Cold AC AM/FM/CD/DVD Clean inside and out Complete Updated … Pretty reliable you say? Lol. Nevertheless, I'll still go for Corolla Altis, the design looks flawless and classic. Now I can decide what to take. We'll see once I get to drive it. The first Honda City (AA for sedans, VF for vans and FA for the wider Turbo II and Cabriolets) was introduced in November 1981 with the innovative "Tallboy" design; of unusual height it enabled four adults to fit comfortably in the very short City (under 3.4 m or 11.2 ft).Produced as a 3-door hatchback in a variety of trim levels, the City … Honda City VX CVT is available in India at a price of Rs. So good that US reviewers didn't recommend it for the first time in many years. It's pure bliss already in stock form - unlike the civic which you have to burn money for aftermarket parts to make it look decent and speedy. ZOOM! As i read through every article here in this website, lagi ko na lang nakikita na laging may nakikipagaway na mazda 3 fanboy. Also, I read in one of your articles that the Ecoboost performs at 17+km/l? and there's your answer. Stop being an idiot and read through the lines... ginagawa mong tanga ka eh. You didn't mention if the front seats were moved all the way forward, thus increasing legroom at the rear, or if there are other subtle adjustments made to "increase" perceived space. If this was a primary car, Honda City. As if these ricers would even have a chance to reach that point when they drive.the new civic type R is rated at 300-350bhp plus. They're for all intents & purposes roughly the same weight. As if these ricers would even have a chance to reach that point when they drive. White First Choice, Metallic Gray 2nd.. :) but if you want just modify it.. TIFFANNY BLUEEE!! That front-wheel drive, 200hp, non-independent torsion beam rear suspension Euro Civic Type R hatch, would beat turbocharged, AWD, 300+ hp rally replicas??? The City's direct competition is the Mazda2 which is definitely going to lose over any head over heart buyer. I'm a first time buyer and I would like to know your expert opinion. Sir Ulysses, I hope you can you make a head to head comparo of these both new cars. Interior was nice but I think the fiesta is still the best in terms of interior looks. DIGIPAD 2.0 … They should have that in the MT as well. You know what, the Altis uses a torsion beam set up and its comfortable. Mazdas & Nissans are very volatile.I'm actually a Civic dude but the current model is a big disappointment & quite pricey that's why I'm hanging on with my FD. Drive Type … First of all, I had similarly-sized drivers/companions for both drives so seating was adjusted fairly similarly. If you're single, might as well go with the fiesta ecoboost. Its not torsion beam - its multi link. This Could be Your All-New Chevrolet Cruze. (meaning: practiaclly unachievable in real-world driving), whereas he was quick to point out that the Mz3 1.5L peak RPM is at "a very high" 6000RPM. Honda "prestige" is as silly as Toyota "reliability". hi, does the push start engine button light up (little green light) when the car is started? Assuming that those numbers are even accurate. Yes still torn because Im a first time car buyer and really wouldn't want to be in a bad customer service or after sales problem which I hear a lot from FORD. We had the VX all the way and since were the last car in the convoy, we had no choice but to photo the car just ahead of us which is Top Gear's VX accessorized with Modulo. Who does mazda think they're kidding. When you step on the brake pedal, it lights up indicating it is ready to be started up. old kid). It's always the numbers that tells the whole story. But not for the new Euro Type R civic. Civics has lost its glory. Anyway if you want to know more about Honda Cars Philippines, check out their site and you'll be able to know about their different models aside from Honda City VX. Hi Uly, what do you think is a better buy, Honda City 1.5 VX or the Mazda 3 1.5 V? BTW, typo, "hallow"==holy, "hollow"==floaty/disconnected, which is what I think you mean above with regard to the suspension feel.Uly, revive the Car Chat from our old M*****cars site, set up a basic forum rather than this unwieldy blog style commenting section and annoying CAPTCHA BS. DUDE, ask CR-V owners, esp. Mazda Offering First Public Test Drive of All-New ... Honda Cars Philippines Launches All-New City and C... Caltex "Labanan Para Tsuper Healthy" Campaign Expa... Michelin Pilot Super Sport Prescribed for New Volv... Chevrolet Philippines Opens New Dealership in Tarlac. Thanks! Width is the same at 1695mm though the car is taller at 1495mm (+25mm). #cebu 2014 Honda City VX Automatic 1.5 Push start Auto. I think you and I are going through City as the better one.. Thanks. Do you even know how the info there is added??? Honda should've learned from the old city's CVT fail.... CVT's are CVT's. If the argument is that it's passenger cabin is that of a compact sedan already, then might as well compare them properly with other compact sedans with similar/close to prices as well as "soecs" to see whether it could be a justifiable "bang for buck" purchase. Get the details of used Honda City VX (O) Petrol car (2011 model) available in Mumbai, India. This vehicle has 13000 km and Gas Engine. Lol.Exclusivity=Honda??? I'd take the Japan CBU Mz3 over this Laguna-made City (no offense to our compatriots working there). I was not able to test drive it though. roominies is a visual perception. of those 2 were what I was comparing above, since those 2 belong in the same category. Great job by the way. Sir, was wondering if instead of just comparing the City vs Mazda because they were launched recently, why not also add the Sylphy 1.6CVT to the mix which placed it smack in the middle of both cars. It's as if the transmission shifting logic can't decide which starting gear to use when moving the car from a complete stop. S... South Korea’s fourth largest automaker, Ssangyong Motor has filed for bankruptcy after failing to repay creditors. Honda City [2014-2017] VX Diesel is the top model in the City [2014-2017] lineup and the price of City [2014-2017] top model is ₹ 12.47 Lakh. hindi mga ganitong sasakyan pauso lng porket honda mabilis na maganda pa, porke toyota reliable, cheap at taxi kagad. It offers you even more flexibility and is more fun to drive. That's why even the Ford EcoSport is being compared to the Mazda3 and the new City. 2015 Subaru Outback is Still Basically the Raised ... Volkswagen Shows Updated Touareg at Auto China. Hi Uly, I've narrowed down my choices between the Ford Fiesta Ecoboost and the Honda City VX. Honda City [2014-2017] VX is available in transmission and offered in 6 colours: Golden Brown Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Carnelian Red Pearl, Taffeta White and Orchid White Pearl. Honda City VX CVT Petrol BS6 Model Price in India starts with Rs 13.55 Lakh. yes too many, and this guy is one of them. Papansin ka lang masyado. Sylphy 1.6 CVTAdd more if you want.. Ford and Chev.. :D. "I hope you're happy when these "appliances" overtakes your car on the highway. If you have questions or queries about honda unit especially when it comes to the price, promos, testdrive feel free to call or leave a message and ill be glad to assist you. That may seem like a huge price increase for the City but consider this: 6 airbags, stability control, dynamic parking guidelines, 3-point seat belts for all occupants--these are things you don't get with the Ford EcoSport. Honda City [2014-2017] VX is the top model in the City [2014-2017] lineup and the price of City [2014-2017] top model is ₹ 11.22 Lakh. Honda City VX MT is available in India at a price of Rs. I just want to know which has more bang for buck. Get expert reviews on the Honda … So all of you should get wih the program. sige idrive mo nang mabilis kotse mo :) kung meron ka. The back seat for passengers are roomier now versus from the previous generation. No worries on the double post.What exact model variants are you getting? Thanks. with other claims and test from our group. You were sneaky to change the comparo when you yourself introduced the Civic into this discussion. Isuzu Philippines Kicks Off 2014 D-Max 4x4 Drive S... Road Closures During Obama's Philippine Visit. Nope, the mazda 3 with 1.5L is 1254kg vs the honda city which has a curb weight of 1107kg. Kadalasan ng mga honda ricer yung naka civic na 90's lalo na yung SIR, feeling nila maganda sasakyan nila eh, baduy naman. This used Honda City car in good condition, ID 64600 and available at Rs. the dreaded CVT maintenance!.. 2019 Honda City VX RED 2019 HONDA CITY SPORT: AND SUBSCRIBE! I read also the jerky transmission on ecosport as you said like "jolting and rough experience". And speaking of value, Honda resale is tops alongside Toyota. 2014 Honda City 1.5L VX+ 7CVT PhP 970,000. Still torn between those two. One Challenge, Five Destinations: Isuzu D-Max 4x4 ... Petron Formulates Fuels for the Filipino Motorist. The damned car kept accelerating even without any input from the gas pedal! Source?I remember the previous CIty's 0-100km/h is clocked at 11.5 seconds.Are you saying that the all new city is slower than its predecessor? Because ricers need a fancy acronym to let others know their cars dont make power until after 6600rpm. Only if you don't read specs or test drive both. Ok, if I painted my vios white and slapped taxi stickers all over it, drive it with a private plate and earn some money, no one would bother me right? tricycle na lang idrive nyo. The main advantage of the Fiesta is that it's priced below P 900,000 (P 898,000) to be exact and that makes it quite affordable. We reserve the right to moderate and/or remove these comments. Hi Uly,Thanks for this awesome post. Honda City has Manual 5 Gears Transmission. The next market to get their s... After a series of exciting model launches, Toyota Motor Philippines is wrapping up the year with the introduction of the 2021 Yaris. Compare with similar models Selling bikes since 2007 mazda 3 also won as one of having the best cockpit around.altis - cant remember any. Hi Uly, Thank you very much for the response!How about the fuel consumption?You mentioned that it is better to wait for your official review on Mazda 3 for a more accurate FC. LOL! VTEC. Yes they're just drum brakes, but it's not like you're going to go 180 km/hr on a day to day basis that you'd actually need disc brakes for each tire... Point is, the Honda City is a great vehicle, and so is the Mazda 3... and you can't have everything in a single vehicle. Round 3 of 2014 National Drag Racing Championship ... MIAS 2014: Volvo to Show Off 2014 Line-Up. So you're still grasping at straws Honda ricer. PHP 508,000. Hi, Im a sales executive of Honda Kalookan. Entertainment, Information & Communication. Actually I raised this question during the Mazda drive that some uneducated people will indeed start comparing a sub-compact and a compact based on engine displacement alone. Rule the new year with the All-New 2021 Honda City. Yeah, the mazda may have 4 disc brakes but its still heavier and would require more braking power. AMG Teases Interior of Porsche-Fighting Mercedes-A... 2015 Dodge Challenger Keeps Up in Muscle Car Race. Powered by, Toyota Motor PH Recalling Hilux Pickup Trucks Due to Faulty Braking System, 4 Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Ford To a Authorized Dealership for a Check, Nissan Magnite Debuts in ASEAN with a Starting Price of Just P 707,000, Toyota Motor PH Reveals 2021 Yaris with Prices Starting at P 973k (w/ Specs), Rule the Road Starting at Just P838k with the All-New 2021 Honda City, Volkswagen PH Teases 2021 Santana Sub-Compact Sedan. mazdas dont have many aftermarket parts/support coz they dont need any. You can check it out here: a nutshell though, the XV+ gets 6 airbags and VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) making it ASEAN NCAP 5-stars. Mazda 3 1.5 AT3. The Brown is not brown in person so I don't think its a good choice. Thanks Uly for the quick response. Used 49,025 Kms Driven 2014 Honda City VX CVT for 6.71 Lakhs in MG Road, Gurgaon. The reason why is very obvious and this is true not only for Filipinos. Its a fucking base model, its supposed to be bare as shit in order to maintain a competitive price. Kung meron konte lang. Or better yet, consider the Jazz. Is it just me, or do any of you also think that the previous City looked better than this one? No offense meant, but City and Vios will be so plenty in the streets, but Mazda, hey dude wake up, the only mazda around are those brand new and they won't be around for more than a year because all of them will go to the junk yard. This City cheapened out and regressed from the previous version in using drum brakes even for the top model. It's the city versus the vios. That 147kg difference is nothing to be laughed at. No worries on the double post.What exact model variants are you getting? I think you should compare it to Honda Civic 'cause it is its counterpart sedan class. ), yet Uly doesn't mention that the stock model don't come with those external accessories. Test Drive Your Dream Car at the 2014 Auto Focus T... MINI Updates Countryman; Shows It in New York. Aside from being exclusive for the VX models, it looks awesome in real life especially in daylight. Used Honda City 2014-2015 i VTEC CVT VX Car - Used Honda City 2014-2015 i VTEC CVT VX Car in Bangalore, Second-Hand Honda City 2014-2015 i VTEC CVT VX Car in Bangalore (Id-5501) | ... Technical Specifications. 12.25 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Dull and boring? It's simple as that... to each his own. Unlike most of these ignorant ricers, I actually read all the manuals, receipts, sales agreements, warranty conditions, etc.Use commonsense please. MIAS 2014: The Icon Returns: Volkswagen Beetle Ret... MIAS 2014: Chevrolet Shows Off Diesel Superiority, MIAS 2014: Peugeot Philippines Teases 208 GTI. Im planning to buy and which will drive better going up in antipolo?Thanks! Lol. Really? Car would be used primarily from home to office, and once a month out of town trips. And even if you opt out of the aero kit (and personally, it looks all the more better without it), you can shave some P 55,000 (P 880,000) that can go to a nice set of 17-inch wheels and tires. They'd increase the price if they included the touch screen so NO. And that's why the City feels larger. Sorry for the double post. Vios 1.5 G AT4. its also turbo charged... Also, try using ultragauge in any car and you will see that peak torque and HP is achievable in normal stop and go city driving. Heres my mobile no. The "typical" Filipino car buyer compares cars according to price and not really according to segment/engine/dimensions. Again, the Mazda3 has excellent front seats, but the rear seats are rather short. Will have it as primary/family car (have a 6mo. Nothing stops you from doing what you want with your Honda once you've bought it. Lolz. 2014 HONDA CITY 1.5 VX AT Automatic Transmission 1.5L Gasoline Engine I-VTEC Cebu Unit Push Start All Power Dual Airbags Touchscreen LCD Monitor Central Lock Fog Lamps Very Cold AC AM/FM/CD/DVD Clean inside and out Complete Updated … Even the honda civic is lighter than the mazda 3 but it uses a 1.8L engine! New City VX2. That front-wheel drive, 200hp, non-independent torsion beam rear suspension Euro Civic Type R hatch, would beat turbocharged, AWD, 300+ hp rally replicas??? :P, I agree that the altis is a reliable car, but I wouldn't call its design classic... there's nothing classic with toyota cars, except for the GT 86 :). Dude, this is a comparison between the Honda City and the Toyota Vios. Try to test drive 2014 Altis and City first before you conclude that "CVTs just don't "feel" right in stop&go traffic". Aside from keeping safety... After debuting for the Indian market, Nissan’s promise to go global with its Magnite SUV has been fulfilled. Oh ok, I thought we were comparing the city and mazda 3. You're definitely wrong. And don't tell me that honda is expensive to maintain because we own a vios, and a honda city 2009. This car will eat evos, STIs, Focus ST, mazda speed and other hothatches in earthkingdom.. Really? Hi, I'm deciding between getting this Honda City VX or the All New Yaris. etc. Gear Box 5 Speed. (other than cost cutting of course). The front looks like a mini Civic SI, and the back looks sporty, but the Modulo looks awful. :P. I'd take the City over the Sylphy or the Mazda 3. My place is not a flood prone area, and sometimes i need to negotiate hilly terrains. Easily connect with your local Honda dealer and get a … I read also the jerky transmission on ecosport as you said like "jolting and rough experience". The City comes in a small and practical package ticking all the right boxes for those looking to get a … The refined 1.5 Litres i-VTEC petrol engine strikes an immaculate balance by providing an impressive power of 119 ps with a mileage of 17.4 km/l^. Hehehe... Guys what do you think about the Honda City Modulo Aero Sports VX? That a nice car in the world for the budget Nd luxury car. Thanks Honda. No family, and the car will be the primary car so your input is greatly appreciated. Uly, 6600 is greater than 6000, you should have pointed that out as well in this article.Also, this CVT is has the usual rubber-banding and reliability issues as the other CVTs. The City's rear seats are better.Again, that's why I'd like to test both of these cars for a longer period of time so I can come up with a true verdict. Taxi fleets would rather buy the cheapest to operate models. 2015 Honda HR-V: This Is It (for the US Market, At... Nissan Shows Off A Sexier Murano in New York. Search google for "VTEC just kicked in yo!" I thought at first that the gas pedal got stuck in a depressed position, but it turned out it was just the CVT continuously dropping the gear ratios as programmed into the Transmission Control Module, and as a result even as the engine RPMs dropped, the car would just keep accelerating if you don't press on the brake pedal. VERY FUNNY! New drivers I'd imagine would panic and may even get into a horrible accident if they experience what I did. Although there's nothing wrong with using the vios as a taxi since it shows the car's reliability, but you know when you see a vios, you'll automatically think its a "manong" car. Happyplüs Members Earn More Points with Caltex Gas... MIAS 2014: Jeep Grand Cherokee Levels Up (w/ Compl... MIAS 2014: Car of the Year, Truck of the Year on D... Petron Offering Free Safety Check via Lakbay Alala... Honda Cars Philippines Welcomes New President and ... New Multi-Brand Showroom to House Subaru and Chang... MIAS 2014: Subaru WRX and WRX STI Graces Stand; Ge... Toyota Motor Philippines Sets New Sales Record in ... Toyota Motor Philippines Initiates Special Service... Ford Soars to Best-Ever Philippine March Sales and... NLEX, CAVITEX, SCTEX Brace for Holy Week Exodus. I'd take the Mz3 6AT transmission any day especially since the fuel-saving torque-lockup occurs from 8 km/h upwards, whereas conventional torque converter ATs only "lock up" at highway speeds of 80km/h+ (and only continues for a vvery narrow range of up to 100km/h), i.e., virtually never in city driving conditions... That's why I'm looking forward to test both these cars in normal driving conditions. Yeah, that's the ricer's dream car, Civic. So I'd argue that suspension & braking feel is more important than peak HP & TQ for 99% of daily driving. LOL. sir, what is the difference between honda city 1.5 vx cvt and honda city 1.5 vx + cvt? If that's what you're worried about then better stick with boring, bland Toyota because they havr more dealerships than your precious Honda. When its nightime, the color seems to change to black. The closest that is stated there is that the warranty "may not be covered" if the car is used for commercial purposes.
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