49.01 The Employer recognizes the usefulness of education leave. 6.4.3 The TSM, pay in lieu of unfulfilled surplus period, and the education allowance cannot be combined with any other payment under the Workforce Adjustment Appendix. the interpretation or application of a provision of this collective agreement or related Arbitral Award. a course offered by a recognized academic institution; a seminar, convention or study session in a specialized field directly related to the employee’s work. Unless explicitly specified, the provisions contained in Parts I to VI do not apply to alternative delivery initiatives. This helps each student to reflect upon and express their personal and unique thoughts, reactions, feelings and sense or system of values present in them. However, where the recalculated rate is at a lower step in the range, the new rate shall be the rate of pay shown immediately below the rate of pay being received prior to the revision; no payment or notification shall be made pursuant to paragraph 62.03(b) for one dollar ($1) or less. Signed at Ottawa, this 14th day of December 2016. Identifies patterns and trends, inconsistencies or missing pieces. 6.3.4 An indeterminate employee wishing to leave the core public administration may express an interest in alternating with an opting employee. When a part-time employee meets the requirements to receive call-back pay in accordance with subparagraph 28.04(c)(i) and is entitled to receive the minimum payment rather than pay for actual time worked, the part-time employee shall be paid a minimum of four (4) hours’ pay at the straight-time rate. Where Saturday and Sunday are not recognized as the weekend at a mission abroad, the Employer may substitute two (2) other contiguous days to conform to local practice. 14.12 Subject to operational requirements, the Employer shall grant leave without pay to a reasonable number of employees to attend meetings of the Board of Directors of the Alliance, meetings of the National Executive of the components, Executive Board meetings of the Alliance, and conventions of the Alliance, the components, the Canadian Labour Congress and the territorial and provincial Federations of Labour. Employees in receipt of this guarantee will not have access to the choice of options below. Officially present, defend or advocate the Agency's strategic position on complex sensitive issues of significant importance to the organization as a whole. When a full-time indeterminate employee is required to attend one of the following proceedings outside a period which extends three (3) hours before or beyond his or her scheduled hours of work on a day during which he or she would be eligible for a shift premium, the employee may request that his or her hours of work on that day be scheduled between 7 am and 6 pm; such request will be granted provided there is no increase in cost to the Employer. (PDF, 667KB). Other than when required by the Employer to use a vehicle of the Employer for transportation to a work location other than the employee’s normal place of work, time spent by the employee reporting to work or returning to the employee’s residence shall not constitute time worked. The Alliance shall then compensate the Employer by remitting an amount equivalent to the actual gross salary paid for each person-day, in addition to which shall also be paid the Employer by the Alliance an amount equal to six per cent (6%) of the actual gross salary paid for each person-day, which sum represents the Employer’s contribution for the benefits the employee acquired at work as per the terms established in the appendices noted above. Lobby, persuade and negotiate on highly complex or sensitive strategic program and operational issues with a variety of stakeholders. the deputy head of the home department or organization decides that, in comparison to other options, it is preferable that certain employees be encouraged to stay in their jobs until the day of workplace relocation; the employee has opted not to relocate with the function. A reasonable job offer is also an offer from a FAA Schedule V employer, providing that: The PSC has endorsed those portions of this Appendix for which it has responsibility. Levels 2 and 3 in departments or agencies where such a levels are established (intermediate level(s)); Final level: chief executive or deputy head or an authorized representative. 6.3.2 An alternation occurs when an opting employee who wishes to remain in the core public administration exchanges positions with a non-affected employee (the alternate) willing to leave the core public administration under the terms of Part VI of this Appendix. A copy of the report placed on their file; An opportunity to sign the report in question to indicate that its contents have been read; An opportunity to submit such written representations as the employee may deem appropriate concerning the report and to have such written representations attached to the report. Once the friends of your friends see they have joined your page, they will likely click on it … No standby payment shall be granted if an employee is unable to report for duty when required. A copy of this notice shall be provided to the National President of the Alliance. the workforce adjustment situation and its effect on that individual; the PSC’s Priority Information Management System and how it works from the employee’s perspective; preparation of a curriculum vitae or resumé; the employee’s current situation (for example, pay, benefits such as severance pay and superannuation, classification, language rights, years of service); alternatives that might be available to the employee (the alternation process, appointment, relocation, retraining, lower-level employment, term employment, retirement including the possibility of waiver of penalty if entitled to an annual allowance, Transition Support Measure, education allowance, pay in lieu of unfulfilled surplus period, resignation, accelerated lay-off); the likelihood that the employee will be successfully appointed; the meaning of a guarantee of a reasonable job offer, a twelve (12) month surplus priority period in which to secure a reasonable job offer, a Transition Support Measure and an education allowance; advise employees to seek out proposed alternatives and submit requests for approval as soon as possible after being informed they will not be receiving a guarantee of a reasonable job offer; the Human Resources Centres and their services (including a recommendation that the employee register with the nearest office as soon as possible); preparation for interviews with prospective employers; feedback when an employee is not offered a position for which he or she was referred; repeat counselling as long as the individual is entitled to a staffing priority and has not been appointed; advising the employee that refusal of a reasonable job offer will jeopardize both chances for retraining and overall employment continuity; advising employees of the right to be represented by the Alliance in the application of this Appendix. 2.1 Local consultation pursuant to paragraph 25.24(a) of the agreement will take place within five (5) days of notice served by either party to reopen an existing variable shift schedule agreement or negotiate a new variable shift schedule arrangement. 1.1.18 Home departments or organizations shall relocate surplus employees and laid-off individuals, if necessary. Work performed in the Public Service of Canada is subject to legislated and procedural health and safety precautions, required by the applicable federal legislation on health and safety in the workplace. 6.01 Except to the extent provided herein, this agreement in no way restricts the authority of those charged with managerial responsibilities in the public service. Täglich exklusive Business & First Class Angebote zu den beliebtesten Langstrecken-Destinationen: fast alle Verbindungen für unter 2.000 Euro buchbar 1.1.13 Departments or organizations shall provide the employee with the official notification that he or she has become subject to a workforce adjustment and shall remind the employee that Appendix C, Workforce Adjustment, of this agreement applies. Once a mutually acceptable agreement is reached at the local level, the proposed variable shift schedule will be submitted at the respective Employer and Alliance headquarters levels before implementation. The selection of the mediator will be by mutual agreement. Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever with the Facebook Lite app! This Memorandum of Understanding shall remain in effect until amended or cancelled by mutual consent of the parties. Lack of control over pace of work, multiple or competing demands, changing deadlines and priorities, disruption to normal work and personal life due to frequent travel or jetlag. Where the rates of pay set forth in Appendix A have an effective date prior to the date of signing of this agreement, the following shall apply: “retroactive period” for the purpose of subparagraphs (ii) to (v) means the period from the effective date of the revision up to and including the day before the collective agreement is signed or when an arbitral award is rendered therefor; a retroactive upward revision in rates of pay shall apply to employees, former employees or, in the case of death, the estates of former employees who were employees in the groups identified in Article 9 of this agreement during the retroactive period; for initial appointments made during the retroactive period, the rate of pay selected in the revised rates of pay is the rate which is shown immediately below the rate of pay being received prior to the revision; for promotions, demotions, deployments, transfers or acting situations effective during the retroactive period, the rate of pay shall be recalculated, in accordance with the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment using the revised rates of pay. Reasonable time with pay, to be determined by the Employer, shall be allowed the employee in order that the employee may take a meal break either at or adjacent to the employee’s place of work. 7.2.4 For Type 3 transitional employment arrangements, an offer of employment from the new employer will not be deemed to constitute a reasonable job offer for purposes of this Part. 2.10 Where proposed VSSA is rejected, by mutual agreement, the current VSSA may be extended. Twelve (12) month surplus priority period in which to secure a reasonable job offer. 17.03 The Employer shall notify the local representative of the Alliance as soon as possible that such suspension or termination has occurred. Notwithstanding paragraphs (a) and (b) above, at the request of an employee and at the discretion of the Employer, the leave referred to in the paragraphs (a) and (b) above may be taken in two (2) periods. It is also recognized that the meal period may be staggered for employees on continuous operations. 6.4.4 In cases of pay in lieu of unfulfilled surplus period, Option (b) and Option (c)(i), the employee relinquishes any priority rights for reappointment upon the Employer’s acceptance of his or her resignation. 39.01 An employee who is pregnant or nursing may, during the period from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of the twenty-fourth (24th) week following the birth, request that the Employer modify her job functions or reassign her to another job if, by reason of the pregnancy or nursing, continuing any of her current functions may pose a risk to her health or the health of the foetus or child. 6.1.5 If a reasonable job offer that does not require relocation is made at any time during the one hundred and twenty (120) days opting period and prior to the written acceptance of the Transition Support Measure (TSM) or education allowance option, the employee is ineligible for the TSM, the pay in lieu of unfulfilled surplus period or the education allowance. Such counselling is to include explanations and assistance concerning: 1.1.35 The home departments or organizations shall ensure that, when it is required to facilitate appointment, a retraining plan is prepared and agreed to in writing by it, the employee and the appointing department or organization. Notwithstanding paragraphs (a) and (b), when an employee works on a holiday contiguous to a day of rest on which he or she also worked and received overtime in accordance with paragraph 28.05(b), he or she shall be paid, in addition to the pay that he or she would have been granted had he or she not worked on the holiday, two (2) times his or her hourly rate of pay for all time worked. 21.02 Within five (5) days of notification of consultation served by either party, the Alliance shall notify the Employer in writing of the representatives authorized to act on behalf of the Alliance for consultation purposes. 62.06 If, during the term of this agreement, a new classification standard for a group is established and implemented by the Employer, the Employer shall, before applying rates of pay to new levels resulting from the application of the standard, negotiate with the Alliance the rates of pay and the rules affecting the pay of employees on their movement to the new levels. Where the parties are unable to agree in consultation, any dispute shall be resolved by the grievance/adjudication procedure. Coordinates major functions, establishes broad priorities and division of responsibility and allocates resources. 9.01 The Employer recognizes the Alliance as the exclusive bargaining agent for all employees described in the certificate issued by the Public Service Labour Relations Board on February 21, 2007, covering employees in the Border Services Group. Studies and evaluates a variety of information and analyses to formulate recommendations, provide advice or resolve client issues. The leave will be scheduled at times convenient to both the employee and the Employer. 5.1.2 Employees whose salary is protected pursuant to 5.1.1 will continue to benefit from salary protection until such time as they are appointed or deployed into a position with a maximum rate of pay that is equal to or higher than the maximum rate of pay of the position from which they were declared surplus or laid-off. The Employer will welcome suggestions on the subject from the Alliance, and the parties undertake to consult with a view to adopting and expeditiously carrying out reasonable procedures and techniques designed or intended to prevent or reduce the risk of employment injury. An employee shall be credited a one-time entitlement of thirty-seven decimal five (37.5) hours of vacation leave with pay on the first (1st) day of the month following the employee’s second (2nd) anniversary of service, as defined in clause 34.03. provides the Employer with proof that he or she has applied for and is in receipt of parental, paternity or adoption benefits under the Employment Insurance or the Québec Parental Insurance Plan in respect of insurable employment with the Employer. 34.07 Where, in respect of any period of vacation leave, an employee: the period of vacation leave so displaced shall either be added to the vacation period, if requested by the employee and approved by the Employer, or reinstated for use at a later date. An employee who is required to work on a first (1st) day of rest is entitled to compensation at time and one-half (1 1/2) for the first (1st) seven decimal five (7.5) hours and double (2) time thereafter. ceases to be employed except by reason of death or lay-off before termination of the period he or she has undertaken to serve after completion of the course. The assumption for this type of effort is that the job requires it to be performed on a prolonged basis. Once recruits graduate from training, they’re given an FB-2 designation, which allows less pay than other officers who have an FB-3 classification, he adds. Enquiries by employees pertaining to entitlements to a priority in appointment or to their status in relation to the priority appointment process should be directed to their departmental or organizational human resource advisors or to the Priority Advisor of the PSC responsible for their case. The grievance procedure for a policy grievance by the Employer shall also be composed of a single level, with the grievance presented to an authorized representative of the Alliance. During such period, the employee shall be paid for those days which are not regularly scheduled days of rest for the employee. Leading Canadian experts in the health and disability management field shall also be consulted. on a normal working day on which the employee travels but does not work, the employee shall receive his or her regular pay for the day; on a normal working day on which the employee travels and works, the employee shall be paid: his regular pay for the day for a combined period of travel and work not exceeding his or her regular scheduled working hours; at the applicable overtime rate for additional travel time in excess of his or her regularly scheduled hours of work and travel, with a maximum payment for such additional travel time not to exceed twelve (12) hours’ pay at the straight-time rate of pay; on a day of rest or on a designated paid holiday, the employee shall be paid at the applicable overtime rate for hours travelled, to a maximum of twelve (12) hours’ pay at the straight-time rate of pay. 23.01 Subject to the willingness and capacity of individual employees to accept relocation and retraining, the Employer will make every reasonable effort to ensure that any reduction in the workforce will be accomplished through attrition. the representative of an employee who is a party to an adjudication; a witness called by an employee who is a party to adjudication. Time spent on such leave shall count for pay increment purposes. Chia sẻ ảnh và video, gửi tin nhắn và nhận cập nhật. 1.1.24 Where a surplus employee is appointed by another department or organization to a term position, the home department or organization is responsible for the costs above for one (1) year from the date of such appointment, unless the home department or organization agree to a longer period, after which the appointing department or organization becomes the new home department or organization consistent with PSC authorities. When an employee is required by the Employer to substantially perform the duties of a higher classification level in an acting capacity and performs those duties for at least three (3) consecutive working days or shifts, the employee shall be paid acting pay calculated from the date on which he or she commenced to act as if he or she had been appointed to that higher classification level for the period in which he or she acts. When a day designated as a holiday under clause 30.01 coincides with an employee’s day of rest, the holiday shall be moved to the first (1st) scheduled working day following the employee’s day of rest. has satisfied all of the other eligibility criteria specified in paragraph 40.02(a), other than those specified in sections (A) and (B) of subparagraph 40.02(a)(iii), shall be paid, in respect of each week of benefits under the parental allowance not received for the reason described in subparagraph (i), the difference between ninety-three per cent (93%) of the employee’s rate of pay and the gross amount of his or her weekly disability benefit under the DI Plan, the LTD Plan or via the Government Employees Compensation Act. where the core public administration work units are affected by alternative delivery initiatives; when the deputy head of the home department or organization decides that, compared to other options, it is preferable that certain employees be encouraged to stay in their jobs until the day of the transfer to the new employer; where the employee has not received a job offer from the new employer or has received an offer and did not accept it. 60.03 Part-time employees are entitled to overtime compensation in accordance with subparagraphs (b) and (c) of the overtime definition in clause 2.01. Recoverable paid leave for union business for periods of up to 3 months of continuous leave per year; Cost recovery will be based on actual salary costs during the leave period, to which a percentage of salary, agreed to by the parties, will be added; The Employer will pay for all administration costs associated with the operation of this system. Notwithstanding the definition of “family” found in clause 2.01 and notwithstanding paragraphs 41.02(b) and (d) above, an employee who provides the Employer with proof that he or she is in receipt of or awaiting Employment Insurance (EI) Compassionate Care Benefits may be granted leave for periods of less than three (3) weeks while in receipt of or awaiting these benefits. provides the Employer with proof that she has applied for and is in receipt of maternity benefits under the Employment Insurance or the Québec Parental Insurance Plan in respect of insurable employment with the Employer. In past rounds of bargaining, we’ve always reached agreements with full retroactive wage increases for our members. 25.13 When, because of operational requirements, hours of work are scheduled for employees on a rotating or irregular basis, or on a non-rotating basis where the employer requires employees to work hours later than 6 pm and/or earlier than 7 am, they shall be scheduled so that employees, over a period of not more than fifty-six (56) calendar days: 25.14 The Employer will make every reasonable effort: 25.15 The staffing, preparation, posting and administration of shift schedules is the responsibility of the Employer. 47.01 The Employer shall grant leave with pay to an employee for the period of time he or she is compelled: 48.01 Where an employee participates in a personnel selection process, including the appeal process where applicable, for a position in the public service as defined in the Public Service Labour Relations Act, the employee is entitled to leave with pay for the period during which the employee’s presence is required for purposes of the selection process and for such further period as the Employer considers reasonable for the employee to travel to and from the place where his or her presence is so required. 7.7.2 In the case of individuals who accept an offer of employment from the new employer in the case of a Type 2 arrangement and whose new hourly or annual salary falls below eighty per cent (80%) of their former federal hourly or annual remuneration, departments or organizations will pay an additional six (6) months of salary top-up allowance for a total of twenty-four (24) months under this section and 7.7.1. Compose complex project proposals or business plans, specialized technical report or submissions. 56.03 When a report pertaining to an employee’s performance is placed on that employee’s personnel file, the employee concerned shall be given: 56.04 Upon written request of an employee, the personnel file(s) of that employee shall be made available for the employee once (1) per year for his or her examination in the presence of an authorized representative of the Employer. 3.3 Should more than one employee meeting the qualifications required select the same line on the schedule, years of service as defined in subparagraph 34.03(a)(i) will be used as the determining factor to allocate the line. 7.7.5 For the purposes of 7.7.1, 7.7.2 and 7.7.4, the term “remuneration” includes and is limited to salary plus equal pay adjustments, if any, and supervisory differential, if any. Subject to operational requirements and adequate advance notice, the Employer shall grant lieu days at such times as the employee may request. 1.1.8 Where a deputy head cannot provide a guarantee of a reasonable job offer, the deputy head will provide one hundred and twenty (120) days to consider the three (3) options outlined in Part VI of this Appendix to all opting employees before a decision is required of them. Decisions are based on observation, guidelines, regulations and established precedents. When requested to be taken in two (2) periods: The first period must include the day of the memorial commemorating the deceased or must begin within two (2) days following the death, and. 50.03 Employees on career development leave shall be reimbursed for all reasonable travel and other expenses incurred by them which the Employer may deem appropriate. Employees will submit their annual leave requests for the summer leave period on or before April 15, and on or before September 15 for the winter leave period. 33.07 An employee is not entitled to leave with pay during periods he or she is on leave without pay or under suspension. The selection of the mediator will be by mutual agreement. The PSC will, in accordance with the Privacy Act, provide information to the Employer, departments or organizations and/or bargaining agents on referrals of surplus employees and laid-off persons in order to ensure that the priority entitlements are respected.
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