Now the ATF says that a machine gun is “Any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger”. The NFA museum is full of confiscated illegal silencers and illegally converted machine guns.. it’s just not worth the criminal charges…. BREAKING: ATF SHUTS DOWN HOME DEPOT FOR NFA VIOLATIONS /sarc. Most versions of it I’ve seen didn’t really mentioned home made cans. Repeal the 17th Amendment. The letter(s) in my possession are nothing but a CYA in case this happens. Even with that letter in hand I would keep multiple copies of that letter on hand in paper form and I would always be prepared for the idea that the ATF could show up at my door with another letter stating that this thing is now illegal and I have to turn it over to them or face prosecution. They’re selling silencer kits! Except according to this, you’d better not even have anything in your house or shop that could be used to make a suppressor until you have that stamp. Plenty of suspect kits exist on eBay, and plenty more are probably dangerous to use. Funny they gave an 18 yr old kid a full aupr M-16 and m-60 , 47 yrs ago and said go kill a shitload of people, thats ok, cone home you need a permit to do everything. They’d just get on the UnConstitutional bandwagon with other Police State rights violators and start ‘integrating’ their raids with drug raids so they could share in the attendant asset forfeiture for profit scam. Totalitarian agenda based program known as Metropolitan SST proliferation. Remember that they are made for one purpose: to trap cleaning solvent residues so you can reuse them. Are Solvent Traps Legal? The instructions, written in Aramaic, are actually the driving directions from Disneyland to Elvis’s house. So I wondered: is a Belton Flintlock, which is based on the idea of superposed loads, a single barreled volley gun or a machine gun under the law? Sure it’s a grey area of the law as they sold a legal product but I’m betting if this went to court then intent could be proven that these devices were designed to be used as suppressors. By copying providing info I am meaning to contact on letter to Customs. Which part of the kit is the baffle? I think your history is f*cked up Nick. Being stupid, careless and / or thoughtless doesn’t preclude you from suing the snowflakes out of a company. Go sell a AR lower some time. Ebby123; then just keep selling them and take you chances with a judge and jurry. If you’ve shot it to pieces then you have just wasted the $200 to have an oil filter registered as a silencer. Hello, the aircraft grade titanium, stainless steel, inconel steel and aluminums used to build the suppressors by the licensed companies result in a vastly superior, stronger, longer lasting, perfectly aligned suppressor than the illegal homemade ones.. Or if the flyer simply states “Do not use any purchased item for illegal purposes”, that constitutes knowledge by the store operator that the items can be used for illegal purposes, and is selling “parts” that will be used in a crime? Constructive intent my ass. If they previously ruled it was ok, then yes. Wish I was making that up. Solvent trap kits are available from gun and gun accessory suppliers. This can be purchase. Do not expect that to change much. SD probably pushed someone or something or fucked up. Instead of trying to get around the law change it. How is this “kit” any different? How does this ruling affect Solvent Trap – type connectors (to attach oil filter type traps)? Are you going to say that these were not intended to be coveted into silencers? They are morphing socially engineering the concept of criminality to a level of delusional interpretation of inanimate objects suddenly being ann accomplice to human behavior just because they exist in some minimally ‘connectible’ relationship with a person who has not done, or intended to do, or acted in furtherance of any potential plan to do, ANY CRIME whatsoever? Why? For government, “the words mean what we say they mean…whenever we say the words”. Nobody changed the law. More than the outside, you need to perform a regular care procedure that goes deep down. Some people are nervous about owning a solvent trap to clean firearms. Choosing a gun solvent trap depends on what style, colors, or material appeals to you the most. If I have a giant chuck of steel and a machine shop – does that mean I have constructive intent to make a machine gun? Solvent Traps USA, for example, has issued an engraved solvent trap tube, as well as solvent trap kits with carbon fiber sleeves. Okay, I should have mentioned this earlier to minimalize unnecessary speculation about the ATF’s illogical, nonsensical, UN-Reasonable Subjectiveness concerning their apparent whimsical and capricious Anti-Constitutional, unauthorized by We, the People administrative Fiat Decrees. Solvent traps do attach to the muzzle of a firearm but do not have any design features intended to allow a bullet to pass through them. Alex: If you are a hardened murderer, with a long history of imprisonment, I do not care what you intend to do with whichever hardware and supplies you obtain, I care only about you actually do with the items. Why? § 921(a)(3)(C) and 26 U.S.C. This post is three years old. And this election proved incontrovertibly that the populace is not yet subdued. wtf is wrong with thesr people, the neighbors of our gun clubs would like nothing better than to make cans manditory so they dont have to listen to the noise. Those who feel this way obviously just want to make sure they are abiding by the law, but with a little research into the facts they will find it is 100 percent legal to own a solvent trap … as per the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 Let us know how we can assist you! When the gun’s reliability is affected, it’s almost useless unless you have it cleaned by a professional, which is often a pricey service. Gun owners could completely capture the non-costal states popular vote, and lose to the festering cities. The solvent trap controversy comes against the backdrop of a national debate over how silencers should be regulated. But he was quick to call them a silencer kit. Patriots should not need permission from anyone fir anything as long as they are not felins. Essentially, a person knowing that certain conditions could result in a determination of NFA violation has requisite intent if that person was aware that certain items are related to other items already defined as NFA-controlled. By adding a bullet exit hole it can function as a suppressor which necessitates Form 1 submission and a paid tax. No violations of any law had occurred. It is no longer an Egalitarian paradigm framed in liberty and justice as the Founders attempted to design and establish. You raised the Constitution as some sort of shield designed to protect “citizens” from government. Please make sure you review the details before purchasing. But this bullshit highly corruptible ‘construct’ issue is like the out of control due process violating search and asset forfeiture seizure injustice going down like hotcakes at a free food service for the homeless with these drug raids. I own several licensed suppressors and sleep quite well st night and know I can shoot them without wondering if a plainclothes LEO is watching or listening. People should do away with “constructive intent” altogether. We’re not going to agree on this. Pretty sure you can build suppressors and and sbr’s (I know you can for sbr’s because I have) …just make sure you get your stamp back BEFORE you build/assemble. Janet Reno and Bill Clinton can’t die soon enough. Even Nick has a hard time calling them a “solvent trap”. Nowadays, you would find several gun solvent trap choices in the market. Law states “including any combination of parts, designed or redesigned, and intended for use in assembling or fabricating a firearm silencer” So if parts are sold for the purpose of constructing a silencer, you are in violation. Until it’s assembled, it’s not a suppressor/SBR/SBS. It is a favorite toy of the bureaucracy to be able to take something to illogical extreme so that any un-favored activity can be made illegal, subject to criminal law. Yes, the family could have called the police to collect the gun, but having a patrol car sit out front in that neighborhood would be a character flaw for everyone in the house, so they didn’t even consider making the call. Well Curtis Childress, is partially correct - it’s a container that can attach to the muzzle of a firearm to collect the dirty solvent and patches pushed thru in cleaning. Even another Thomas would only create a minority of two. If you are looking for an accessory that you can repurpose, you want a versatile gun solvent trap that allows for easy conversion. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day. Seems the ATF is, indeed, making flashlight barrels potential silencer parts. Yes, at this moment it is. © COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. And here is the crux of this, no matter what the AFT puts in a letter, good luck convincing a jury of that augment. All “rights” under the Constitution are alienable, except one. Often, they do not include a solvent trap. Very interesting, this latest OCD the ATF has with sound suppressors. You just cant trust any entity that has the power to just make up what ever rules they want. defeat level of tactical advantage of something like this integrated with other advanced surveillance technology, like ‘backscatter’ and wall penetrating radar, you would have to understand basic urban guerilla warfare. !…the atf will have you believing that shovels are assault rifles!!! You can even purchase it online if you want. Evil never rests, and relies on the selfish natural condition of humans. And, give me a f’ing break about veterans being put out of work. It is time to put away the toys, and come to grips with reality. card’ (courtesy of the ‘2005 Real I.D. People here complain about the ruling on marriage equality, but it is a matter of historical fact that it is far, far better to err on the side of enhancing individual rights, however much that may offend some, than on the side of allowing government to define anything having to do with free associations between citizens. Would be nice to see if someone actually worked with the ATF on what parts could be sold for someone who wants to manufacture their own suppressor. But I can’t do the same with a suppressor. My point, precisely. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms considers a solvent trap a "Firearm Accessory". Not this fuzzy bullshit, used and abused to capture people and their possessions. Or at least constructive manufacture? Or own? This type of malfunction is dangerous as the gun may explode. Maybe you are wondering why a piece of equipment like this is needed for cleaning when you can do it traditionally. Solvent Trap companies by commercial Suppressor manufacturers. And bulldozed the crime scene. “Sanity and reason are not required”, OK on which side. Solvent Trap - Splash - If you are the owner of a gun, and you would like to have your very own silencer that is legal, you might want to consider using what is called a solvent trap. Follow the laws as written and if you don’t like them, get them changed. Routine gun maintenance helps prevent malfunctions. This occurs when lead metal traces from the bullets are left inside the gun’s barrel. It’s not a “assembled” firearm. Making the solvent trap into a suppressor is extremely easy, and the e-form 1 through the atf website is a breeze. § 921(a)(24) I don’t listen to that sort of garbage. If I happen to have all the requisite items, and download the plans, can you seriously conclude my intent is to build a machine gun? Why not more designs? We just don’t know, right now all we have is a vendor who was working in a grey area who was basically told to knock it off by the Government, I’m guessing it wasn’t that bad otherwise it would have been a lot more then just a knock it off notice. The intent is clearly there – it’s in the ad! It either is or isn’t. How many times, and for how long, has the slide to serfdom been permanently arrested? These are a very efficient and cost effective solvent trap. If you wish something different than what we have here, visit our “You build it” page and you can create your own custom set-up. You sound like a statist that loves government. We can’t snooze just because Trumps in. All this speculative debate here is wasting valuable time better used for getting our selective Reps to support that Congressman’s recently proposed ‘hearing Protection Act’ Bill and making sure it gets passed with absolutely NO Compromise or background checks, or anything more than would a standard flash hider or muzzle comp or lawnmower muffler would require. charging 1000.00 for a 200.00 item? I ended up buying an all titanium suppressor (with lifetime warranty/support) on GunBroker for like $75 more than a solvent trap. Then why do suppressors from big name companies cost more than the solvent traps? It was legal right up until they informed me it was no longer legal and here’s the proof that I was operating, in good faith, under rules officially passed to me by the ATF. Despite numerous letters stating that the ATF believes a “pistol arm brace” does not make an AR pistol an SBR no matter how it is used, the ATF reversed its own decision two years ago and confusion has reigned ever since. One more ingredient in this poisonous stew is that you’re not hearing much support for Here’s SD Tactical’s statement: As of today the ATF shut down our business of selling solvent traps. What country are you living in? The big difference is that solvent trap do not have a hole bored through the center and they do not have a serial number engraved on them. Is that a “firearm”? Despite what you may think, the ATF has historically been a relatively reasonable entity to work with. Their local ATF ioi officer came to their shop to monitor and inventory an item completely unrelated to solvent traps and discovered the violation. If, however, the preponderance of lower court decisions sway towards liberty, the cost to the dogmatic progressive totalitarians of appeal at some point will reach high enough that they will have to pick and choose, which defaults to greater freedom as a result of economic expediency. If you would like to use solvent traps as it is, you can go with a standard build. For one, they are stylish. There is already prima facie evidence of a crime being committed, warrants should be easily obtained to seize and arrest. So the only ones being punished are the people that follow the laws. The SC is conveniently ignored (without consequence) by lower courts today. The problem here is that the threshold between a random parts and a complete suppressor is not stable one, it varies on who is reading it at any given time, and such ambiguity has no place in law. At that point the agency would be begging to have a judge rule that a lot of their “rule making authority” is arbitrary, capricious, unconstitutional and therefore void. Does that mean that my 2inch aluminum tube, and 8 .224 inch IAD washers, loose in a single drawer, would be a suppressor? KM Tactical offers solvent trap kits at cheap prices. Sam I Am; you are wrong in this case. I’d be *very* wary of ANYTHING you can attach to a muzzle, especially it it’s threaded…. Solvent Trap Kit - 7075 AL Cups Our solvent traps are designed to create an airtight seal and reduce corrosive solvents from leaking or spilling out while cleaning your firearm. Some are hybrid solvent traps, made of aluminum and titanium combined; some more expensive ones are all-titanium, and some are made of steel metal. When damages leading to glitches, Fouling can be beneficial or detrimental to your gun. Solvent Trap USA offers you a gun solvent trap that every gun owner would need and want. We only seem stupid when we pretend these things don’t subvert the law. It sucks, but that’s how it works and these guys knew it so this is on them. maybe the links to YouTube videos on how to actually assemble a suppressor from the parts they sell, maybe because they were a one stop shop to get all the supplies for a suppressor. If anyone important at ATF ever reads this, what is your problem with people having stupid things like silencers and SBR/S’s? Eternal vigilance; there’s no such thing as unconditional ideological surrender. ANY modification to a product purchased from Solvent Trap USA instantly voids the possibility of return or refund. ever wonder maybe the big businesses are behind it? Really. And for the lawyer who takes the civil action. Our Maglite solvent trap adapter kit was designed to replace the original ends on a standard D cell maglite housing. If nothing else, their rotting bodies would improve the environment by supplying nutrients. Lets take advantage of this fortunate last chance opportunity to reverse the tyranny while we still can. If you dispute this, define for me exactly the point at which ATF’s “intent” begins and ends. You can’t arbitrarily and capriciously mentally torture or illegally turn innocent persons into criminals just because of your own malicious agenda? I’m not so sure that the HPA is goI guess to bring prices down on mil-spec suppressors but it should help a lot in the medium quality .22 and pistol suppressors…. On the other hand, it doesn’t load itself automatically so it might rationally be argued to be a volley gun with a single barrel. Jack; that 80% lower you are selling has been manufactured by someone who worked with the ATF to determined exactly how far they can go before be becomes a “firearm”. I’m glad I could help you with your happiness Mr. or Ms. The current. usually I categorize all Alphabet 2nd and 4th/A violations as fundamental universal disarmament agenda tactics. Maybe that is what brought down the ATF? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Even the DEA doesn’t try to play the “we wrote a letter and you were in violation as soon as it came off the printer so you’re under arrest” game. Did you provide a link to anything? Does it do so “automatically”? Instead they announced their intention to make a show. This is now, for however long a moment in “now” lasts. If you own a AR isn’t that a potential SBR? You want more of that? :p. That being said I really hope that we can get some positive reform of 80% lower laws to include kits like this. Solvent trap feature cups, also referred to as dividers, that trap byproduct created during the cleaning process. You’ll probably have to spend only around $55 (+$200 stamp tax) for an oil filter suppressor compared to a standard suppressor which would cost you more or less $600 (+$200 stamp tax). Just used to protect the pump from any of the filtrate from getting into the pump line. Or a pipe bomb. Back in the day I did’t need a license to go crabbing. He also reviews whiskey and talks about woodworking at. The important point is they are NOT suppressors and were (and are) perfectly legal to sell. The police don’t talk about it and much like the illegal ‘license plate reading’ devices that public vehicles use constantly and the ubiquitious integrated face recognition cameras in public (now able to ‘read’ a facial identity scan at distances of 50 feet or more) and you must request a FOIA to get details of deployment and use. Yep, solvent trap is about the same but without the liquid N 2 and you would be filtering off something. ! I really hope that at some point silencers are taken off of the NFA. They have put 3 Veterans, my wife and son out of work. then change thiers mids after you have already paid fof items. sbr’s should not be any issue since handguns exist. As I recall, it was the FBI that roasted the children. 34% of californians want to secede from the USA (news flash, the DNC will never let it happen)….. good luck getting us some freedom any time soon! I wonder what the face of the ATF agent would look like if I submitted a Form 1 on a pillow and a roll of duct tape. And to answer someone else’s question, the ATF can declare that having a shotgun in your garage while simultaneously storing a hacksaw in the same garage are materials co-located such as to amount to possession of an SBR. How about an aluminum 80% CZ-82 or something? What about an 80% lower ( stupid term)? I know one very famous Constitutional lawyer and will try to contact him this week. Congress could cut off their funding, but that would leave the agency in existence Just shut the thing down and throw the savings at the deficit. Are the customers grandfathered ‘in’, as long as they don’t convert it to a functioning suppressor? With constitutionality, and SCOTUS strict constructionists (we’ll find out next week), the reversal is positively possible. And while getting away with this violation of natural human rights, they can’t help themselves from going further! Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Cameron Leonard,, SAF, CCRKBA, FPC Sue Maryland Over Its ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Law, FPC Moves for Injunction, Expedited Trial in Pennsylvania Under 21 Firearm Carry Lawsuit. Since as originally manufactured they are not intended to silence, muffle or diminish the report of a portable firearm they are not silencers as defined in 18 U.S.C.
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