You can turn out a hog that will rival the best whole hog joints in the country. Nov 12, 2020 - Explore myctfocbd's board "whole hog smoking", followed by 476 people on Pinterest. Then his unique twist on the onion bomb (hint: it involves both onions and bell peppers). In general, you should plan for at least a half day to smoke a whole pig. There are a few options when it comes to serving your whole pig. It's different from your usual recipes, Texas brisket with bbq sauces, Carolina style ribs for a party, or what wood chunks to burn or bbq rub to use. First he gave us the “McRob” (a real boneless barbecued rib sandwich). Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 8 hrs You can replicate this at home using chips in a pan in the oven, although they won't smoke very long. Well I enjoy those details, even if for a few minutes. Shovels. The meat in this pig is incredibly tender … Do It Yourself Stuffed Burgers Designed For Anyone Who Wants To Eat A New Kind Of Burger. Each week Lori host a BlogTalk Radio Show, Barn Goddess BBQ & More, where she interviews BBQ and Food personalities from all over the US. A 40 pounder is a fairly small pig, don't be intimidated. Lori is busy with Competitive Cooking in BBQ and several other categories. Continue to smoke until internal temperature registers 190 in the thickest part of the shoulder. 3-2-1 Method For Smoking Ribs: Secret Conversation Betw... Smoked Boston Butt Recipe (Smoked Pork Butt), Smoked Bacon Wrapped Alligator Meat Recipe, Beer Marinated Chicken Wrapped In Bacon And Grilled, How To Butcher a Whole Pig (Every Pork Cut Explained), Cuban Lechon Recipe (Whole Hog in a Roasting Box), Water Wheel Spit Roasted Whole Venison Recipe, Spray inside of cooker with no-stick spray, helps with clean up. I like to inject into the pork belly too, that is where if you are serving from the pig to plate, you can really make some veteran pig picker happy with the fresh bacon, swirled to tasty perfection. Most grocery stores don’t just carry a whole pig, so you’ll want to call around to local butcher shops and special-order one. Place more of your chosen heat source under the shoulders and hams and keep the heat away from the ribs. Try to keep the skin intact as much as possible, this will protect the loins and hams from drying out before the rest the whole hog cooks. It is time for you to extricate the pig from its vessel of smoke and metal, using the metal hooks to lift the pig up by the grate, and then transfer it to wherever you plan to put your carving and knife skills to work. Defrosting meat helps it cook evenly and prevents the growth of bacteria, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service. Brine the hog using a sugar, salt and vinegar combination to impart moisture and to soften its muscle fibers. If you are smoking on a large EGG, you will need to cut the suckling pig in half. Once you think the skin has puckered, jab at it and see if the meat slides off-when you can just pull a bone free without resistance. Beginning at the fourth hour, start checking the hams and shoulders for an internal temperature of 195. A hog and a hardware store are all you need to summon your inner pit master this summer. That said, I never professed to be the supreme master on the subject. I love preparing smoked pork from an entire carcass just as much as my guests enjoy the taste and love I put into the process and I hope that this guide has inspired a similar level of passion within yourselves. Remove pig from smoker and rest for at least 30 minutes before serving. Finish the set up by placing your lid over the pit. Durable paper bag, like the kind used for holding charcoal. Great For Friends, Family, Anyone! Carefully pour the boiling water over the pig and begin shaving off the hair. Oct 22, 2016 - Whole smoked suckling pig. December 4, 2015. Tom. For greens I like to use kale as it holds up well with the heat. Fire up your smoker and read on. In addition to cooking time, you’ll need to account for prep time, including readying the pig itself as well as the pit and the fire. Once you have transferred the pig to the clear rack or fresh serving tray, remove the brisket pieces from underneath if any remain. Take your durable paper bag, open it up so that it is a flat sheet, set it aflame, grasp at it with your tongs and then spread it out across the skin. That is true for just about any size pig up to a 100 pounds that will be longer or best if obtained fresh. How to Cook Whole Hogs – step-by-step process of a whole hog pig roast. Currently living in North Central Florida where she, her fiancee, 2 dogs, goldfish, Senagal Parrot, and 35 year old Greek Tortoise now call home. If you wish to take your barbecue time to apex level, then try out smoking a pig. You may also want to consider killing the heat of your smoker for an hour or two, just long enough to bring the temperature under control. Metal grate wide enough for the pig to rest upon it. I said this is a gratifying process, I didn’t say it would be easy, after all, if Competition BBQ and smoking meats were easy, then everyone would do it. Line the bottom of the pit with wood or heated charcoal and place the grate. Today we’re talking all about cooking a Whole Hog! When Smoking Ribs… To Wrap? That's because there's less overall surface area compared to cutting the meat into pieces. I hope this article helped you learn more about how to smoke a whole hog. Thanks. For the rub I suggest you mix in advance about a gallon jug worth total of your favorite pork rub. You’ll want to look for a suckling pig (one that weighs about 20 pounds) or a smaller pig (around 60 pounds) depending on the size of your Traeger. Spits are large, pricey and somewhat unwieldy, and aren’t the kind of thing most people have lying around in their homes, but they can sometimes be rented from farms or traditional barbecue suppliers. We use one of the other racks from the cooker, wrapped in foil and set on a folding table. If the whole hog is not getting done as fast as you like it simply kick that baby up, by stoking the fire. Smoking a whole hog is a considerably more time-consuming challenge than smoking just a simple pork butt or pig roast. Some people prefer to shred the meat and serve it up on platters. We charge $4.50 per pound for a whole hog and $4.75 per pound for a side of pork. great guide but have researched so many methods to smoking a whole hog and have only done a couple but now I have to do a 100lb one for my sonswedding in November. We sell whole pigs or sides of pork. Smoking a whole hog all starts with determining the size. December 31, 2013 at 2:19 pm. So in honor of the holidays, we asked him to smoke a whole suckling pig. Unless you’re buying a whole pig that you plan to plow through in a single event—a pig roast block party, for example—you’re probably buying this pig for you and your loved ones to eat over time. It’s a long process, so it’s always best to give yourself a few extra hours to make sure no one is waiting around hungry! Beginning at the fourth hour, start checking the hams and shoulders for. Place more of your chosen heat source under the shoulders and hams and keep the heat away from the ribs. I mixed up 2 gallons total of this injection mix and began to inject heavily in the hams and the shoulders of the whole pig. We're talking about doing a suckling pig for my son's graduation. Whether you have any comments on the methodology used in this guide or you just want to share your own experiences in preparing an entire pig for the smokehouse, feel free to leave a comment below. You want to plan things so that you will finish cooking hours before its time to serve the pig. A whole, smoked pig can be a truly wonderful thing to behold and eat. TIP: If you are cooking for a larger crowd you may want to consider going with a smaller pig and supplementing with pork butts, cooked and pulled, then stuffed into the cavity. Whole Pig Seven Great Tips In Cooking Your Whole Pig. I mostly followed the Rectec recipe with the brine and temperature. German Whole Hog (Spanferkel) Recipe Notes. That is, until Sam and I decided to cook a pig together at my home in Dallas, Texas, to coincide with my 40 th birthday party. Arrange the pig on the cooking grate and protect the ears and snout with aluminum foil. The price is based on the hanging weight of the pig, which is the weight after the head, feet and organs have been removed, but before it has been butchered into usable cuts. To give your BBQ sauce some originality, smoke the pig feet, then cook them in a pan on the grill in the BBQ sauce to add a robust flavor to the sauce. Check on things every hour with the infrared thermometer and know that this can take anywhere from 14 to 18 hours, depending on the weight of your particular porker; a good rule of thumb is it takes 90 minutes plus one hour per pound to fully smoke a pig. If you get an unexpected rise in temperature, lower the temperature in the smoker-pour some water over a small portion of the heat source or toss in some ice. You can baste with it, in an hour. Whether suckling pig or boar-sized beast, smoking a whole hog is the iconic, pièce de résistance of barbecue. One of the biggest issues in smoking an entire pig is having the space to store the carcass as it smokes to deliciousness. Oh wait, I guess it’s all good, it’s pork!! That means you’ll need a freezer with enough room for about 200 to 300 pounds of meat and bone. If you do not have a pit on hand, go ahead and grab your helpers and some shovels and dig out a pit sufficiently sized for your pig. Once your pig has sufficiently cooked through. 4. Reply. Place the pig on some boards. To smoke a whole pig, it has become an easy and simple thing to do now. Since each person will eat about 4 to 6 ounces of meat, you should approximate a half pound to three-quarters pound of uncooked meat per person at your party. I typically do a 120 pound pig for 70 people but that didn't seem like a good idea this year so I got the suckling pig. Here's my game plan and some things to think about: I know from cooking many whole shoulders that larger, whole cuts take longer to cook and get a little less smoke flavor.

smoking a whole pig

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