Attract Predatory Insects 5. While their strong smell gets credit for repelling above-ground pests, the … There are thousands of species of bees with differently shaped tongues, so this helps attract a variety. Marigolds Attract Bees & Other Pollinators Regardless of the uncertainty surrounding the potential efficacy of marigolds in nematode control, there are still plenty of very good reasons to use them as a companion crop in your vegetable garden. According to, this popular garden flower has low pollen and does not attract many bees for that reason. A reminder, stop utilizing pesticides on your yard and let the plant grow a little intense to give shelter for the bees. For those who really want a flower that repels bees, this would be the “one.” The strong odor marigold plants release is a natural repellent for bees and many other bugs. Apr 17, 2020 Susan ... Marigold While marigolds are beneficial to plant around food producing plants to ward off any number of pests, honey bees will flock to their bright orange, red, and yellow blooms. Which plants that attract bees will you be growing this season? The best way to take advantage of marigolds' ability to attract beneficial insects to a garden is by planting a dense row or two around the edge of the garden rather than interplanting, or planting the marigolds scattered between crop plants within the garden. This pungent-smelling annual appears in numerous forms including simple daisy or pom pom shapes on short and bushy or tall and willowy stems. Attract Bees and Other Pollinators 4. Bees and pollination go hand-in-hand. Yes, they are good companion for beans and cucumbers because they can repel beetles. Scientists have discovered that using marigolds around plants such as roses, strawberries, potatoesand tomatoesdeters root knot nematodes, tiny worms that live in the soil.Although it hasn’t been proven, many long-time gardeners claim that marigolds also control pests like tomato hornworms, cabbageworms, thrips, squash bugs, whitefliesand others. The "Lemon Gem" is prized as an edible herb and for its ability to attract beneficial insects like butterflies ladybugs, hoverflies, predatory bugs and parasitoid wasps. Growing marigolds in or next to your vegetable garden can prove to be quite beneficial in many ways. Experts say gardens with 10 or more species attract the greatest number of bees. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Marigolds (Tagetes spp.) With the proper care, marigolds will … "Disco" marigolds are cultivars of single French marigolds that grow about 8 to 12 inches tall. 20 Gorgeous Flowering Plants that Will Attract Bees. I personally have tested all of the flowers above. Usually this is a result of overcrowding. However, wasps and other bee species will be repelled. There are ways in which we can prepare our gardens to attract bees, encouraging them to pollinate all the year round. Do marigolds make good companion plants? Marigolds are one plant that flowers and bees avoid. Marigolds may also repel cabbage moths and French marigolds are able to protect adjacent tomato plants from whiteflies. These shrubs also exhibit piney scent that’s responsible for driving the insects away. Make sure to space or thin plants at the recommended spacing. 2. Sign up for our newsletter. I always plant a variety of yellow, orange, and red marigolds in my garden and butterflies and bees … Firstly, they're growing mostly tomatoes, squash, corn, radishes, onions, and peppers. Here are the top ten bee-friendly plants that will attract the bees into your garden. Lavender can be harvested, dried, and hung around the home, or made into herb sachets and tucked into drawers and cupboards to keep away moths and other pests. Marigolds are frequently implemented in vegetable gardens and ornamental plantings for an ability to repel problematic insects and other types of pests.

do marigolds attract bees

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